The Vision

B21 is an experiment in a new way of learning that develops, nurtures and trains future-ready
students. In a world where problems and challenges get more global and complex, B21 provides
an environment where intellectual, emotional, creative and thematic diversities are incubated,
nurtured and expanded, and where ideas are fueled by passion, beauty, and ethics so that new
solutions to new problems can be found. In B21, an undergraduate literature student sits next
to a PhD candidate in physics and both work, debate and collaborate with a Master’s student in
neuroscience and music. To enhance the uniqueness of B21’s learning environment, we select
students by looking at their ‘GPA' - measured in passion, vision and imagination.

In B21, we cultivate curiosity-driven research and exploration by developing and enhancing
students’ ability to acquire the structure, systems and foundations of knowledge beyond the
acknowledged, the recognized and the comfortable.

B21 is a true, open and nurturing peer-learning environment. It provides the experience of
graduate learning in its purest and simplest form by removing the constraints, restrictions and
limitations of programs. To allow this, we provide an environment - support, technologies and
mentoring - that permits engaged learner to independently traverse and defy interdisciplinary