Sustainability @ B21 


the mission


the values


the projects

To innovate, experiment, and adopt a functional, efficient, and aesthetic sustainable workplace.

Designed for Building 21’s current space and functions, these projects aim to enhance the typical workplace experience in a sustainable manner. We aim to create a basic framework for any workplace to adopt sustainable and proactive processes.


Functionality: innovate to create something out of nothing.

Efficiency: adopt sustainable and productive habits.

Aesthetics: experiment with creative uses of nature.


How can we integrate nature with our daily lives? How can we enhance wellbeing and productivity in an enclosed space? How can we encapsulate emotions and experiences within one room, no matter the conditions outside?

Perhaps, we need a 21st century forest: indoor sensory-immersive space to dissolve emotions, trigger conversations, and enhance reflectivity. Simply a room for plants, people, passion: life.


Indoor Herbal Tea Garden

Is it possible to diminish the gap between earth and people in an urban office? Can nurturing an indoor garden magnify coworker connections? How can we turn spare materials into a thriving and wholesome garden?

Growing herbs for tea is a simple but creative way in combining nature with daily life. The process of growing your favourite herb and sharing a little communal garden can add a calming essence to the workspace. Not only will it add life and taste but inspires creative thinking in a green way.


the plan