Prototype semester: Jan-April 2019.

This initiative is an experimental pedagogy project.

B21 will mentor McGill independent-study/intern (either ugrad/grad) students.

In partnership with a supervising faculty member, B21 will mentor and provide services.

If you are a McGill professor or a gifted student with an independent study project, please contact us for more info.


B21 will offer one-on-one mentoring to independent research projects that do not fit cleanly within interdisciplinary boundaries.

The goal is to reduce faculty workload, and optimize student performance. B21 advisory staff will be the unofficial advisors; official off-site faculty will do periodic assessment and sign-off.

B21 advisory staff

Anita Parmar, PhD (Physics), MSc (Physics), BSc (Physics) [and a lot of math …]

David Jhave Johnston, PhD (Interdisciplinary Humanities), MSc (Interactive Arts), B.CS (Computer Science and Digital Image)

potential Courses

396/444 undergraduate research project courses [Complete list, with general prerequisites.]

Graduate Internships (example: NSERC­‐CREATE)

Bridge21 access-Tech

Each student will have card access to B21: a comfortable multi-room, inter-disciplinary, collaborative work space.

2 VR machines: Rift and Vive.

Nvidia 1070 GPU cards and 1TB ssd drive. Capable of hosting data science projects.

Multimedia software: Adobe Suite.


Building21. 651 Sherbrooke West (attached to the RVC building)


Schedules for each student will be determined on a case by case basis.

Recommended structure (details to be determined in conjunction with supervising faculty):

  • Mandatory weekly time on site at B21

  • Bi-weekly meeting with B21 mentor

  • Monthly meetings with faculty supervisor

  • 1 final presentation

Capacity & Core disciplines

During prototype semester (Jan-April 2019) B21 aims to support 2-6 students in total, across disciplines where B21 can currently offer specific support. Disciplines currently under consideration include : physics, math, computer science, multimedia & media arts, literature, philosophy, and cognitive science.