2019 BLUE Fellowships


The BLUE (Beautiful Limitless Unconstrained Exploration) Fellowships enable scholars to explore innovative interdisciplinary ideas that don't fit into conventional research domains.

15 students will receive a $3k stipend to work out of—and be physically present at—Building 21 over the course of an eight week fellowship from May 13th - July 12th 2019.

Students from any level and any Faculty (including 1 year post-graduates and Continuing Studies) are welcome to apply.

Propose an idea you'd like to play with, tinker with, and delve into.

Deadline for applications is March 1, 2019.

Results will be announced April 1, 2019.


Interested to learn more details about the fellowship and read about the application process?

Last year we had a diverse set of people and projects. Learn more about the fellows and their projects: