Intrducing BLUE Scholar: Ty Cary

Play happens at unexpected moments. It can be surprising, confusing, or transformative.

Play happens at unexpected moments. It can be surprising, confusing, or transformative.

Hello, my name is Ty. I'm a recent graduate from McGill with an Honours degree in Anthropology. I chose to explore the idea of play within my undergraduate thesis: what it is, how we access it, and the transformative potential that it holds. My interest in Building 21 is in large part a continuation of the ideas that I encountered during this research. Broadly, I'm interested in considering what it looks like to integrate practices of play into the fabric of ordinary life, and what this might bring to bear upon the ways in which we relate to others, ourselves, and our environments.

During my time at Building 21, I intend to further explore the significance of play by devoting ethnographic attention to the activities, interactions, and everyday rhythms which take place here. This process will involve 'hanging out' at Building 21 so as to observe how people make use of the space. I also aim to interact with people through formal interviews and more ordinary conversations in order to get a sense of the kinds of interests and aspirations that people bring to their work at B21.

This project aims to contribute to a growing body of information on Building 21. However, as opposed to providing definitive answers about the purposes and possibilities of the space, I intend for it to open new questions about what B21 is and what it might continue to become. You can find me at Building 21 most days of the week where I spend my time writing, discussing, and thinking about what it means to play and be playful. I welcome input in person or via email regarding your own ideas on what B21 is and what it could become.

David Jhave Johnston