Computing Workshop

Among the many pursuits of Building 21 is a dedication to creativity and innovation in academics, which includes teaching in new and different ways. In this vein, Jake and Eric, a computer science student and an education student, have collaborated since 2017 on the Computing Workshop, a series of collaborative and interactive workshops on the basics of computers, including hardware and machine learning. There is a strong emphasis on having an environment that’s different from typical classrooms. For example, in the first workshop of this semester, rather than a simple land acknowledgement, the group read parts of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and had a discussion on issues facing indigenous people. We then moved on to an activity where group members tried to find something unusual they all had in common. Computing Workshop aims to empower self-learners, and make certain popular subjects more accessible to those who might not otherwise have opportunity to learn such materials. Come join the workshops Mondays from 2 to 4 at Building 21!

Pauline Pestre