⚡Summer Lighting ⚡#1


This week is has been about planning. Sophie, Madeleine, Eloise, and Damian have been reading and watching everything they can get their hands on. From the conceptualization of counter-intuitive epistemologies to How Language might affect your ability to save money, the creative energy is palpable. Avery, while beginning the week in a similar fashion, realized today her project was mirroring her school work-flow. She has decided to shift her focus to researching art. Alison is well on her way to create a bee-haven in Montreal — we can’t wait to see her results from the air. Speaking of from the air, Iris is looking into surveying the skydiving community in France. Technology is another resounding theme throughout the early conversations with the fellows. Takuto, Avery, Mercedes, Cassiel, and Nathan are looking into tech-savvy ways of representing complex ideas. After realizing I’m completely out of my league surrounding SuYu’s project about the shape of objects in space and time, he graciously explained to me Einstein's theory of special relativity involving trains, balls and the speed of light. All and all it’s been an exciting first week and we can’t wait to hear what next week brings.

Ellie MartinBLUE