Bridge 21


An opportunity to combine coursework and personal vision

Many university research projects do not fit cleanly within interdisciplinary boundaries. Our Bridge 21 fellowship addresses this gap by providing student researchers the requisite interdisciplinary mentorship, resources, and environment to enable McGill’s passionate academics to fulfill their aspirations.

Visit The Bridge 21 Experience to read about our past fellows’ experiences.

What BRidge 21 provides

The core benefit of the Bridge 21 fellowship for your research project is the supplemental structure and resources for your interdisciplinary academic goals that can not be met anywhere else at McGill.


A diverse advisory staff will motivate, challenge, and broaden your vision.

  • Anita Parmar, PhD (Physics), MSc (Physics), BSc (Physics) [and a lot of math …]

  • David Jhave Johnston, PhD (Interdisciplinary Humanities), MSc (Interactive Arts), B.CS (Computer Science and Digital Image)


At Building 21, we do not let space or technology be a limiting factor for research. That’s why we provide you with abundant access to tools that will help your interdisciplinary needs.

  • Card access to Building 21: a comfortable multi-room, interdisciplinary, collaborative work space.

  • Two different VR machines: the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

  • Machine learning capable desktops (each equipped with Nvidia 1070 GPU cards and 1TB SSD drives).

  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Encore, inDesign, etc.)


Our ambition of fostering interdisciplinary research relies on a flexible process (details to be determined in conjunction with supervising faculty).

  • Mandatory weekly time on site at Building 21

  • Bi-weekly meetings with Building 21 mentors

  • Monthly meetings with faculty supervisor

  • A final presentation

how to use this opportunity

To be eligible for receiving B21’s mentorship, resources, and environment, you must currently (or plan to be) enrolled in a research course. McGill offers several research courses:

  • Undergraduate research projects (e.g., 396/444/459 courses)

  • Graduate Internships (e.g., NSERC­‐CREATE)

Disciplines currently under consideration include broad areas:

  • Physics

  • Math

  • Computer science

  • Multimedia & Media Arts

  • Literature

  • Philosophy

  • Cognitive Science

does bridge 21 sound like something you could benefit from?

This initiative is an experimental pedagogy project and so we are looking for 2-6 students.

Contact us if you are a McGill professor or a gifted student with an independent study project at our e-mail address.


Building 21 would like to thank the McGill Commitment for funding this project.